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the company

Stocco&Stocco was born in 1996 from an idea of Francesco D'Agostino that, focusing on a food, the stockfish, little known nationally, has managed, thanks to a targeted promotion, in making it part of the Italian culinary tradition. The company imports directly from Norway, the world's largest stockfish producer, stocks of fish already dried with Nordic traditional methods. read more

the novelty

The only company in Southern Italy, Stocco&Stocco has recently adopted a new system that allows, without the use of preservatives, to place on the market food that can be preserved for a long time, without losing any of the nutritional properties and maintaining integrated the high quality of the product. This is possible through the use of the technique of the treatment in water at high pressure (HPP system). Already soaked and wrapped up, with an absolute guarantee of hygiene, the stockfish and the codfish are immersed in a high pressure chamber where they remain for a few minutes subjected to a jet of cold water: this ensures the unchanged preservation of the quality and organoleptic characteristics, in a natural manner, without the use of any additive. In this way, remain also fragrance, color, texture, flavor and nutritional skills. The stockfish and the codfish of Stocco&Stocco, so treated, can be preserved in fridge and consumed when more when you want, with safety and taste. products


From this section you can see some of the recipes based on stockfish, typical of the plain of Gioia Tauro, that the company has collected for its customers. In this way you can relish the delicacy of the stockfish, combining the Mediterranean flavors. read more